About Our Pastor
 “We are not just to be a building, but a blessing to our fellow man.”     


       On March 6, 2022, Reverend Trenady Phillips became the 20th pastor of the Historic Pleasant Green Missionary Baptist Church ("The Green") – relishing a 120 year-history of service to the North Memphis “Bear Water” community.  In his first year, he inspired the church to “get back to basics by loving God, loving each other, and loving the word.”  His skills and background in pastoral leadership, combined with his commitment to ministry team development and mission work, enables him to make a substantial impact on the church and community.   

      Born April 21, 1984, to Vickie Dowery, in Memphis “Orange Mound,” Tennessee, Pastor Phillips accepted Christ at an early age of eight years old under the leadership of his grandfather, Pastor Lucky Dowery at St. Paul Christian Church.  In September 2009, he accepted his calling to teach and preach the gospel.  In 2016, he was ordained and became Associate Minister of the Greater New Liberty Baptist Church, Memphis, Tennessee under the guidance of Dr, Darrell K. Shack.        

      Reverend Phillips is a proven leader, able to effectively organize and facilitate church and administrative activities, mission outreach, and youth development, clearly shown by his tenure at Greater New Liberty Baptist Church, earning the praise, admiration, and love of hundreds of congregants.  “He is awesome,” they would add.  “We love him!”

      • A proven leader, able to effectively organize and facilitate church and administration activities, mission outreach, and youth development.  
      • Possesses excellent communication and interpersonal skills, proficient in recruiting and leading volunteers and members for the Ministry, and in building and enhancing growth of Adult in Sunday Teaching.          

     Pastor Phillips is a true man of God, wholly committed to teaching and preaching the very foundation of God’s word, learning who HE is, what HE means to you, and how to apply HIS word to your life!            

     Highly proficient in developing and leading comprehensive youth ministry programs based on the church’s values and mission statement, Pastor Phillips is a dynamic and proactive leader – a personable and motivational communicator – able to reach the “heart” of every man, woman, and child!  His core qualifications include: 

      • Congregational and Organizational Leadership 
      • Operations Management 
      • Ministry Development, Planning, and Management
      • Community Outreach and Relations 
      • Youth Development and Leadership Empowerment
      • Biblical teaching and WHW Expository Preaching       


     Pastor Phillips is married to First Lady Raven Phillips (lovingly called Lady P).  They have two children, Trenton and Madisyn.  


“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind; and Love your neighbor as yourself.”  (Luke 10:27)